The Happy New You Cleansing Package, for a limited time only, just $299.X

Dr. Sebi in Newark New Jersey on May 29, 2015

Dr. Sebi in Newark New Jersey on May 29, 2015

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  • Hi

    Im living in the Uk, London and am so grateful to Dr Sebi for enlightening me, God rest his soul. Can you please confirm weather you deliver to the Uk?

    Blessed Love

    • Simone Chambers
  • Hi James I saw your comment, you got help with Herpes virus. I need help

    • Sonia
  • I have yet to receive my products and its been two whole weeks. I font know how else to get through to the business operators. No one picks up the phone. I tried resetting the password for my account (for all that was worth) but an error message keeps occurring. This isyl my second time ordering products. The first experience was great! But now I want to know where is my products!!????

    • YaYa
  • Hello, i am located in Newark nj is there any specific stores located in newark that sell dr sebi’s detox products

    • Diana N
  • Wow God Bless this man he’s a modern day Moses the deliverer

    • Robin Morrell